3x better view

Search aggregators (sometimes called "metasearch engines") should have been a better search than any one engine alone. But until now that's not been true. Most people have not bothered with them. Yabingoo changes that.

Five good things about Yabingoo

  1. The top 3 engines are aggregated. There is currently a real drop-off in result quality after these. Yabingoo includes none of the usually-irrelevant results from certain spammy engines.
  2. You get to choose from results you usually wouldn't get, even on the first page. Especially if you ever need to search to the second page of results, where there are usually few overlapping results.
  3. You see where the majors rank pages. Each result is ranked by a clear, open ranking system. Yabingoo RankYabingoo Rank = Brank + Grank + Yrank. Also don't hide useful features such as cache, which can be helpful when a page you're searching for goes missing. We link to those good features, building a relationship, and giving you the choice of whether to use them.
  4. No spamming the top of the results page with masses of "sponsored results".
  5. No massive database of users' habits & non-expiring IDs. Don't be bad, but serious this time.


And some more good things

We hope that by showing results together it serves to remind that all three of the majors have a good service to offer, helps direct comparison (In fact only by seeing results together can you see what is a good result, and what is a poor result! It can be very enlightening!), and maybe that supports a free market in information or something. No one wants to see an information monopoly, we think.

No loading down pages with masses of images and links and scripts until you can't use it any more!

Still easy to use in lower screen resolutions! A lot of people keep a lower screen resolution like 800x600 to save their eyesight, and some because they have poor eyesight. Two of the majors are less-than easily navigable in such a resolution.

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